Vision: Web solutions should be as easy and fun as eating Alu Tama (traditional Nepalese cuisine). Hence

At Alutama Solutions, we believe in web solutions that’s easy to implement, maintain and that suits your business purpose. That’s always been our working mantra. Alutama Solutions provide end-to-end solutions for various genre of business. Our approach is focused on quality and customer’s satisfaction. Our expertise in the arena of web development, business development and integration and smart phone apps help you develop a winning solutions for your business.

Our services include custom web solutions, smart phone apps and e-commerce solutions for all types of businesses. We work with cutting-edge technology and mindset.

Alutama is a subsidiary of TechnoTropes Group NY. (

At Alutama we believe that it is imperative for every business to have the best web design solution. A website helps you to expand your reach, get a hold of more clients and promote your services. We understand that relationship and communication with the clients is the most important part of building a successful website, that’s why we put a special emphasis on company-client bond. We are always looking for your input and we aim to blend your vision with ours and that way achieve wanted results. We provide high standards of professional services, we are flexible and ready to put in an extra effort in order to deliver the best product.We are proficient in development of professional websites, small business websites, corporate design as well as artistic websites for individuals. We provide services that will exceed your expectations and give you an opportunity to take advantage of the best e-marketing techniques and concepts.