E-Commerce is the process of conducting business transactions as a virtual – economy through the Internet.
Every business needs a dynamic store in an appropriate place in the field of electronic commerce, the requirement is a dynamic website capable of handling all business transaction.

Our solution:
- 100% security.
- Effective management of your online store, you can manage and service from anywhere in the world as long as an Internet connection
- Flexible and scalable solution, easy updating and customization of e-commerce site.
- It is very easy and can be accomplished with little training
- Security Transactions – All financial transactions go through a security system tested against manipulations based on best evidence of the fruits of encryption algorithms
- Design user friendly – Visitors are the key to success and e-commerce solution is known for its ease of use
- Ecommerce Aesthetics and appearance – a vented design, comfortable to the eye is essential for successful online store

Features of our eCommerce solution:
- 100% compatible with Solution Seekers
- You can create as many categories, subcategories and products as you wish
- Process Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal
- Fraud Detection and Prevention of the highest quality
- Effective manager returns and an intuitive inventory control
- Automatic generator of invoices and order tracking
- Multiple shipping options and fees
- Real-time estimates from UPS and DHL
- Inventory control and real-time reporting